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Boardroom Technologies Sells NEW and used Nexsan Storage systems.  Imation’s Nexsan SAN storage systems deliver the smallest footprint with up to 60 disks in 4U of rack space while consuming less power. Nexsan leads cost-per-terabyte optimization; perfect for backup/recovery, bulk storage, and (traditional/virtual/cloud) environments.


  • ATABoy
  • SATABoy
  • E18
  • E48
  • E60


Save money by buying a Refurbished San Storage system through boardroom Technologies. We stock a large selection of Nexsan gear and are ready to ship same day. Worried about the quality? Our techs go through each unit and reset them back to factory default. Each array comes with a standard 30 day warranty that can be upgraded to 1-3 years. We offer Hardware only maintenance, Technical support, or both to keep your costs down. Contact Us today with questions or for a quick quote!


Boardroom Technologies is an Authorized Nexsan Reseller. All Nexsan Products come with a Standard 3 year warranty! Contact us today with questions or to get a quote.

Series: E18, E48, E60 disk arrays

The E-Series is comprised of the E60 storage system (60 drives in 4U), the E48 storage system (48 drives in 4U), and the E18 storage system (18 drives in 2U), as well as the E60X, E48X and E18X expansion units. The E-Series delivers industry leading density and power efficiency for the smallest storage footprint by consuming less than one third the power in one third the rack space as typical arrays.

  • Modular Expansion: Expand E60 with up to two E60X; E48 with up to two E48X; E18 with up to two E18X to accommodate the ever-increasing need for additional capacity.
  • Mix & Match Drive Types: Mix and match SSD, SAS and SATA drives to meet varying storage needs.
  • Dual Active/Active Storage Controllers: Dual controllers provide additional horsepower and add additional I/O ports for Fibre Channel, iSCSI or SASx4 access. All LUNs may be made visible on any or all FC, iSCSI or SAS connections.
  • Battery and Flash Protected Cache: Cache memory is protected via a battery built into the storage system. The battery has sufficient power to push all data from cache RAM into flash where it will be preserved indefinitely. Cache data is synchronously mirrored between controllers to protect uncommitted writes in the event of controller failure.
  • Two RAID Engines per controller: Two RAID engines reside on each E-Series controller to accelerate RAID operations, resulting in blazing fast sequential and random I/O performance.
  • Fibre Channel and iSCSI Multi-protocol Access: Both the Fibre Channel and iSCSI host ports can be utilized at the same time.

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