Hitachi Support

Do you need support on your Hitachi Storage System? Boardroom Technologies can help.

Offering 3rd party Support / Hardware Maintenance Quote on your Hitachi Storage System. Maintenance terms ranging from 1-3 years.
All Replacement Parts ship Same/Next Day.

Technician is available 24-7 for emergencies

For 3rd party Support / Hardware Maintenance Quote on your Hitachi Storage System:

Boardroom Technologies currently supports the following Hitachi Storage Systems:

Midrange SANs:

Series DF-600 Series DF-600H
Hitachi Thunder -9520V Hitachi Thunder -9580V
Hitachi Thunder -9530V Hitachi Thunder -9585V
Hitachi Thunder -9570V
Series DF-700 DF-800
Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100,- SMS100 Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2100 –AMS2100
Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 200 - AMS200 Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2300 – AMS2300
Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 500 - AMS500 Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2500 – AMS2500
Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 1000 - AMS1000
Hitachi Workgroup Modular Storage 100 - WMS100

Enterprise RAID

Series (RAID450) Series (RAID 500)
Hitachi Lightning - 9970V Hitachi Network Storage Controller 55 - NSC55
Hitachi Lightning - 9980V Hitachi Universal Storage Platform –USP
USP-V / USP-VM Series (RAID 600) HP Version of USP-V / USP-VM Series
Hitachi Universal Storage Platform – USP-V XP12000
Hitachi Universal Storage Platform – USP-VM XP24000
VSP Series
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform,- VSP

Hard Drives

3282101-D 3282279-A 3276139-D 3282101-D 3276138-B
3282101-E 3276139-E 3276308-A 3276138-C 3282389-A
3276138-D 5507353-4 3272215-A 5507353-69 5507353-77
5507353-79 5513873-A 5518491-A 5518492-A 5507353-4
3272219-C 3272219-D 3272215-J 3272215-A 5507353-69
3272219-E 3272219-F 3276139-E 3272219-G 3272215-B
3272215-E 3276138-D 3272219-A 3272219-B 3272215-H
3282390-D 5524269-D 5507353-4 3272219-C 5529292-A
5541893-A 3272219-D 5524272-D 5524272-E 5518491-A
3272215-J 5529296-A 3282195-B 3272215-A 5507353-69
5507353-77 3282279-A 3276139-D 3282101-D 5541886-A
5541890-A 5524276-E 5524270-D 5524270-E 5507353-79
3272219-E 5529297-A 3276138-B 3272219-F 5529293-A
5507067-3 3282101-E 3276139-E 3272219-G 5529298-A
3276308-A 3272215-B 5529294-A 3276138-C 3272215-E
3282389-A 5541892-A 5529301-A 3276138-D 5513873-A
5518491-A 3272219-A 3272219-B 5518492-A 5507067-4
3272215-H 5529295-A 3282390-D 5541891-A 5524269-D
5518491-A 5524276-E 5524270-D 5524270-E 5529292-A
5529296-A 5529297-A 5529293-A 5529298-A 5529294-A
5529301-A 5529295-A 5541893-A 5541886-A 5541890-A
5541912-A 5541892-A 5541891-A